What to do when an Australian Shepherd is hyperactive?

For some time now, you have noticed a special disorder in the development of your pet and you are completely confused. It is hyperactivity which is a syndrome often linked to the childhood of dogs. In this article, you will find the precautions to take in the face of this syndrome.

Allow your dog to go out every day

Can you spend a single year in a large castle without a change of scenery? At first, you may agree, as there will be many places to visit. But when the tour is over, you'll be tired of seeing the same things every day. The boredom will be so great that you will go out of the castle to discover other places. The same is true for your dog. He has already mastered all the places in the house and every day he sees the same things. He must go out to make new discoveries, breathe the air of nature and meet other dogs with whom to make friends. This outing will allow him to relax and have an enlightened mind. And besides, an ordinary dog should have at least 30 minutes for his daily outing. An Australian Shepherd that is a working animal must then spend a good time outside its home to avoid the development of hyperactivity.

Choosing a physical exercise to do

You don't have to do anything very strenuous, but you can choose a simple activity and do it regularly to keep your dog mentally stimulated. You can try introductory tracking, frisball, treibball and agility. These exercises will also perfect the bond between you and your dog. However, short exercises are best for dogs that are seriously hyperactive.

Never give in to your dog's whims

Don't let your dog dominate you. You are his master and it is up to you to develop the type of relationship between you. He must understand from the beginning that he cannot get everything. If you give in to his demands every time he barks, he will become uncontrollable later on. And even when he insists on his tantrums, ignore him completely. When he calms down, you can approach him and give him what he wants if it really matters.