How to maintain a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is a particular animal that reveals the beauty of animals. For this reason, its maintenance must be done with great care. Read this article, to know some particular strategies to maintain a German Shepherd.

Grooming, brushing and eye care

You don't need to bathe your dog regularly to make him look good. Very often, a dog with normal skin and especially one with a coat only needs two baths a year. But from time to time, you can wash your German Shepherd's hair with a suitable shampoo. And each time, make sure that the product is compatible with the animal's skin. Regarding the coat, its maintenance is important during the fall, the moult and in summer. So during these periods, you should brush your dog at least once a day.

In addition, the eyes of this type of dog must be maintained with special care. That's why you should contact a veterinarian at the slightest abnormality. In the same way, you should not neglect the care of the ears at all. You must make sure that the ears are free of all kinds of microbes.

Teeth and nails care

Dental hygiene is important for German Shepherds just as it is for humans. And just as humans get sick from poor dental hygiene, so do dogs. If you experience bad breath, you should know that your dog's oral hygiene has not been done properly. And to avoid all these problems, you must proceed to a perfect hygiene of your dog's teeth. During the hygiene, you must use toothbrushes and suitable toothpastes. It is also recommended to carry out the dental hygiene from the childhood of the dog, until the adulthood.

Moreover, a particular care is also obligatory for the nails. Because nails wear out very quickly, especially since animals are in constant contact with the ground. You can also use a nail clipper. But make sure that this tool is compatible with your dog's nails.